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Software Documentation

Work-Order Tracking Software

In response to user feedback, I took the opportunity to redesign the manual when the documented software underwent major changes. To help users quickly navigate new screens and fields, I reduced text, increased graphics, and respresented all steps with numbered callouts.

Customer Software

I worked with graphic designers from the Marketing team to produce this customer-facing brochure to outline the procedures for accessing our company's internal business software. Since the audience was our customers and the instructions were few, I wanted to produce an approachable brochure rather than a manual.

Medical Device Software

This highly technical guide documents genetic-testing software for researchers. I worked closely with subject matter experts to ensure complete and accurate instructions.

Hardware Documentation

Assembly Instructions

Following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), this company required documentation that enabled assemblers to record their progress as they completed each series of steps.
I developed a 220-page assembly manual in nine weeks, designing the layout, interviewing subject-matter experts, and taking hundreds of photos. The full manual includes step-by-step instructions, and three appendices that contain cable-assembly specifications, the bill of materials, and assembly drawings.

Repair Instructions

Service technicians relied on these step-by-step instructions to replace a key part in the company's radiation treatment systems.


Troubleshooting documentation is among the most difficult to write. In a complex system, the source of the trouble could be hundreds of issues. I purposely chose not to use a flowchart for this document; it would imply that all or most of the potential causes were presented when, in fact, we knew only a subset of them.